7 Days to Learn to Blog with Edublogs

I’ve just finished my personal blogging course with Edublogs, and as a reward, Edublogs is upgrading my account to a pro account for a year.

But, even if they hadn’t, I’d still have enjoyed the course. It’s laid out super well in 10 manageable steps, and you can totally complete it in the 7 days you have left to take advantage of the Edublogs Holiday Gift. Deadline is January 31.

I’ve been a blogger for a while on other platforms, but I’ll admit not since micro-blogging on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter became easy. I am looking forward to retaking blogging as a reflection tool, and this course on personal blogging was a perfect fit.

Here are the 10 steps of the course:  (I’m lazy and don’t want to type  it out, so this is a screenshot from the course.)  The screenshot is linked to the course’s landing page. 10 steps to a personal blog

The very best part of the course is the support given by Kathleen Morris, the Edublogs instructor. She’s friendly, interested, and really tries to extend your understanding and practice. Thanks, Kathleen!



One thought on “7 Days to Learn to Blog with Edublogs

  1. Hi Josianne,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the course and I can tell you have learnt a lot!

    I really hope some of your colleagues or members of your PLN will follow your advice and give the course a try. There are just so many benefits to blogging for all teachers.

    Looking forward to staying connected,

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